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Disclaimer: If you one of the five regulars who read my blog I know that I have been totally slacking on sharing my thoughts on the films I see.  Life has gotten in the way and I am become less motivated with properly maintaining this blog. But I still want to use this a way to keep track of everything I see since I still go to the movies frequently so I’ll do my best.

2012 New York Film Festival Selections

For the second time I volunteered at the New York Film Festival and I saw a ridiculous amount films in the short time I was there. Over the past few months of those films have been released and if they are still playing near they might be worthy of your time. 

My favorite of the four above was probably Ginger & Rosa.  Sally Potter lovely coming of age film starring the always on point Elle Fanning. There are a ton of coming-of-age films that come out every year but I think few are handle as beautifully as Potter’s film. It’s really all performances across the board that make this film worth seeing. Ginger & Rosa may not be different from the rest but definitely better than most. 

Beyond The Hills is the most recent film from Christian Mungiu who directed the great 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Mungiu’s films are definitely a test in patience. He films are quiet and achingly slow but that only add to levels of tension and suspense his films sort of possess.  Beyond The Hills is long slow film which in my opinion questions the power of religion and devotion and it’s on believers and non-believers alike. This is film ripe for discussion and disagreement and I think people can walk away with a different of the events that take place in the film.  I loved 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days more but I would say this is worthy of your times. 

NO was quite interesting film. I enjoy and film that can inform you of an historically important in history that might have never know of. While focusing more on the creative minds and tactics that created the YES/NO campaign in the vote of Chilean president Pinochet. I didn’t love the film but I was fascinated by the story and the clever ads used during this turbulent and controversial time.  I think people who work in this field today will find it especially interesting. Still, the film fell a little flat and during the moments when the ads weren’t showing the film wasn’t always that compelling to me. But I would still encourage you to check it out if you can. 

Apres Mai or Something In The Air is a film I jumped because I enjoyed Olivier Assayas’ last film, Carlos so much. I won’t say this film is not worthy of your time and it could mostly be my fault for having such high hopes after Carlos, that this film left me slightly disappointed. There were some great moments but I just wasn’t able to be invested in most of the characters and anything they were fighting for. It’s not Assayas’ strongest film.

Since I wrote this (it’s been sitting in Drafts) most of these films are probably no longer in theaters BUT if you can it might be worth it to see these OnDemand or DVD.

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