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Trailer - Inherent Vice

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio Del Toro, Martin Short, Owen Wilson,Jena Malone, Joanna Newsom, and Katherine Waterson. 

I love some PTA and it great to finally see him doing a pretty straightforward comedy. Most of his films have always had a nice element of humor in them but this seem to be his first foray in a comedy film and it looks great. It’ll be playing at the New York Film Festival next week and open in theaters December 12th.


New York Film Festival has begun!  (at Walter Reade Theater)

New York Film Festival has begun! (at Walter Reade Theater)



Xavier Dolan’s motif of character’s back to camera

Laurence Anyways/Heartbeats/I Killed My Mother

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“ A stab — no, a frantic machete swipe — at comedy that only date-rapists, racists and sociopaths could love, the persistently ugly “Not Cool” begins with rapid-fire gags about overweight, undersexed losers; coitus with vegetables; loose bowels, rivers of puke and slut-shaming. And the film finds a way to tumble downhill from there. „

The LA Times review’s Shane Dawson’s film “Not Cool”

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I have inadvertently been watching The Chair on Starz because it comes on after the repeat of Outlander (yes, for some reason I watch the Outlander repeat every time). The show is interesting enough but I could never understand why Shane Dawson was a choice. He didn’t seem funny and I found it hard to believe he had the millions of followers on YouTube (he does). Watching the show everything he did with script he was given seemed like a bad idea and don’t understand how anybody went along with it which only proved to me that the people who make films don’t know what the fuck they are doing. I hope everyone behind this garbage (you too Zachary Quinto) feels like a giant ass for going so hard for this low rent basic racist fool.



Black Girls Talking Episode 34 with guest Charla Lauriston

Writer and performer Charla Lauriston came through this episode to hang out and talk about everything and nothing. If you haven’t watched her excellent web series Clench & Release, you’ve probably wasted 3/4 of your life, so do something about that.

I feel good about my life every time there is a new episode.


This past summer saw the premiere of two my favorite new shows (three if you count The Leftovers which I am still unsure of how I really feel about yet) this year. It seems a little dumb to be writing anything about them now since they are both ending soon (Outlander is having a mid-season finale) and we are officially in full swing with the Fall shows of the season. There aren’t a whole lot of new shows premiering this season that really pique my interest except maybe Gotham, Gracepoint, Transparent on Amazon and even a CW show (Jane The Virgin) But I am definitely excited about all my returning shows like Sleepy Hollow. I think this year’s list year end list will include a lot of shows that premiered in the spring/summer like Penny Dreadful or Silicon Valley but we’ll see.


Official Trailer - Girlhood (Bande de filles)

Directed by Céline Sciamma. Starring Karidja Toure, Assa Sylla, Lindsay Karamoh, and Marietou Toure.

I am a big of Céline Sciamma’s work and this looks excellent. It’s has already been getting great reviews. One can be read here. I spend a lot of time wishing for movies like this to get made. So I get excited every now and then when a film featuring black characters especially black female characters being shown as people with real lives makes an appearance. Absolutely can’t wait for a stateside release. In the meantime check out Sciamma’s other work which is readily available on Netflix.

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Official Trailer for the 52nd New York Film Festival

I love this festival. It makes me sad I won’t be volunteering this year after 3 years. But I have already bought a few tickets including Sundance favorite Whiplash and Asia Argento’s film with my girl Charlotte Gainsbourg, Misunderstood and I plan on checking out more. This year is another incredible lineup and can’t wait!

The festival begins September 26 with opening night film, Gone Girl and ends October 12th. If you find yourself in NYC around that time do yourself a favor and check it out. 

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Next up for 13-year old pitching wizard Mo’ne Davis? The cover of Sports Illustrated.


Next up for 13-year old pitching wizard Mo’ne Davis? The cover of Sports Illustrated.


Black Girls Talking Episode 33

This week we discuss what’s been happening in Ferguson, MO, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video and Taylor Swift fatigue, comic book movies and more.

As mentioned in this episode, here are links to some great pieces about what is and has been happening in Ferguson: 

In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police and the American dream

What Policing Looks Like To A Former Investigator Of Misconduct

Ferguson and Patience for the Appalled 

What It Was Like In The Streets On Ferguson’s Worst Night 

The Front Lines of Ferguson 

Michael Brown and the Danger of the Perfect Victim Frame 


Trailer - Wetlands

Directed by David Wnendt. Starring Carla Juri and Christoph Letkowski. Based on the German novel by Charlotte Roche.

I read a review of this film when it was at Sundance earlier this year and it sounded insane. Never have I kept my legs crossed so hard while reading a review.
Also, the trailer is not that terrible but you probably shouldn’t watch in on full volume at your desk.

In limited release beginning September 5th

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